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Character is Key

February is always the month where I was nostalgic, thinking of the prior Open Houses when I met so many of you for the first time. It’s also the time where in meeting with so many prospective families, I get excited all over again for the things that make Aletheia so special.

One of those things that has stood out to me lately is the unique gift it is to have a school that cares so much about character, and also has a class size small enough to allow teachers to actually slow down enough to prune and shape these little souls.

I brag on our teachers all the time, but this may be one of the most important parts of who we are, that all of our teachers truly care about the kinds of people their students grow up to be. That is ultimately the test we are preparing them to face. Not the SAT, though we want them to knock that one out of the park as well. But the test of life— the kind of life described in Psalm 15, of walking blamelessly, of doing no evil, and of keeping your word, even when it hurts. These are the tests we’re doing our best to prepare our students for, because these are the tests that truly matter.

Education that doesn’t address these things isn’t a real education — data transmission alone will never cut it, where students have no more soul than a computer, and schools function as mere sorting machines for the workplace. What a gift to be able to offer something more!

Michael Eckhardt
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