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Christ-centered Education

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Aletheia means 'truth' in Greek, which is the word used in Jesus's proclamation in John 14:6, that he is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." The truth Jesus announces himself to be is not a propositional truth, but truth itself. He is the Word of God and the Author of Life, and any true education will have him as its center.

  • Educationally, this means that everything we do in the classroom is centered on understanding God's world from God's point of view, through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God. Our school is Christian in that the subjects we teach - mathematics, art, history, or any others - are pursued and taught from this distinctively Christian, Christ-centered, and Word-centered point of view.
  • Philosophically, this means that we teach and instruct students to be prepared to hold their own in a world that increasingly despises God and His Word. Thus, we do not shun a subject like evolution simply because we believe it is wrong. Rather, we engage such subjects with the mind of Christ with the aim of tearing down the strongholds in which the world trusts. This involves building a Christian view of the world, a "world view" which sees things from a biblical and "true" truth standpoint.
  • Doctrinally, this means our Statement of Faith is in basic agreement with the doctrines of the Protestant, evangelical tradition. (our Statement of Faith can be found in our Student Handbook) We are not a "sectarian" or "denominational" school, and expect matters of debate between Christians to be resolved elsewhere: in the home and in the church.

Regarding admissions, this means that anyone is welcome to apply - regardless of their profession of faith - provided they are willing to abide by our standards of homework, discipline, and parental involvement. We expect our school's people, priorities, and policies to attract students from all different denominations, races, cultures, and even religions. But, the teaching and instruction in the classroom will be explicitly and unapologetically Christian; all faculty and staff are professing Christians and members in good standing of Bible-believing churches, and the discipline and order in the school will seek to promote the aroma of Christ and a Gospel-driven motivation in everything we do.

We would be failing in our mission to communicate the truth to students if they did not love Christ more and seek more faithfully to follow him, after having attended Aletheia than otherwise.

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